Would it be okay to die today?
It is a day like any other
Someone’s birthday, anniversary, or holy day
I don’t see why not

Sun has risen and will set
Wind blows
Trees stand tall and reach
Leaves fall and rot and decay

Body weakens
Muscles spasm while others go limp
Thoughts are fuzzy
Blood moves slower

I don’t want to leave
Ones I love and who love me
The work I do
People I do it with and for

To see more of life
To help others
To grow along new pathways
All reasons to go on

Life itself will go on
The ones I leave behind will figure out
How to pay bills and to fix things
And to keep on living

The Universe has been me-ing for 45 years
What will happen when this part of me stops?
I don’t know
It will be okay, I trust

I won’t really be gone
I’ll keep doing what I’ve always done
Loving and being loved
Knowing who I Am or not

I think it would be okay
To die today
And until then
To live

Love One Person

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